Thursday, March 4, 2010

"Fear is the enemy, Faith is the Saviour... HAVE FAITH"

Last weekend, I was enjoying my weekend, doing what I did best, nothing, when my friend asked me if I want to come for a ride. The offer, which seems to be joyous, is actually dangerous. My rider friend, being a great fan of Dhoom, is quite a rash driver and has a couple of minor accidents in his credentials. So, here I was trying to find an excuse, I asked him, "where we'll be going". He answered, "It's a place, where we rarely go". Curiosity took over the better of my rational mind and I agreed.

Like a soldier, going on a war or like a student going for his exams, I prayed to God for my well being and climbed the back seat of the bike. As he put his new pulsar in the gear, I tried to divert my mind from the speedometer. The first thought which came in my mind was "why we always remember God in adverse conditions". My mind replied, "because we have faith in him". I shot the next question, "why do we have faith in God". Came back the reply, "because he drives the world and in hard times, that's the best we can do, have faith in the one who's driving us. Suddenly, a thought struck my mind, why shouldn't I try to have faith in my friend's riding. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, asked myself to have faith and opened my eyes. I was surprised to see that my fear vanished and I was enjoying, what I thought would be a dreadful experience. Since I was at peace with my mind and my friend was busy showing his riding skills amidst the traffic, I again lost in my own thoughts, thinking how great a power, faith is.

I realized that fear is what demoralizes us and is partly responsible for our failure. Having faith doesn't ensure success, but it indeed ensures that our full potential will be utilized in accomplishing our goals, which is half the success. In any circumstance, we must have faith in the one who is in the commanding position, be it ourselves or someone else. If the situation is out of human control, have faith in The Almighty, have faith in the unseen, unknown power, have faith that he'll take care of ourselves. Be free from fear. Fear results in error and error, ultimately, results in failure. Have faith and you can achieve , what you once considered to be impossible. Never lose faith on anyone, anything. After-all, God is nothing but a faith.

As I reached the climax of my thoughts, the bike came to a halt. We were at the destination. I was quite amused to see it and a broad smile appeared on my face. It was the place where faith lives - a temple.

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  1. Hey.. I should make some people read this. Esp those who used to get scared of my driving like Amrinder. Hahaha
    Ok on a more serious note, amazing thought and a great real life analogy