Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why do people get infatuated...???

The other night, I came to know about a guy. That guy is working in an MNC, earns a handsome salary and anyone would say that he's a happy man. However, there is other side of the coin. Yesterday, the same guy, flew in from Delhi to Pune, spending 8000 bucks from his pocket, just for one day or let's say for few hours and why, just to meet a girl. Moreover, he hadn't told the girl about his arrival as he planned to give her a surprise. The most amazing part of the story is that the girl, whom he came to see, refused to meet him. The reason she gave is that he starts emotional talks and she does not feel anything about him. The boy was left devastated and I was left thinking.

Whose fault was it? Was it the girl's insensitivity or the boy's love(or infatuation) for that girl? The girl can't be blamed. She never asked him to come and meet her. So should we blame the boy? The boy who flew more than 1000 Kms just to see the girl. Well, I don't know who's fault it is but consequences are very clear. The girl is still unmoved and the boy is broken. The only feeling I have for that guy is that of pity, the worst feeling one can ever have for anyone.

The more important question is why that boy did such a thing? What was that strong urge? Was his love for that girl so strong that made him so weak?

Yet another question is why a person loves someone so immensely, although the other person doesn't even care? Why this feeling arises and why it can't be curbed?

One can say that the boy is infatuated but if you ask that guy he'll say that he loves that girl. Then how to differentiate between love and infatuation. Both the view points seems to be rationale. The only conclusion I have is my old belief that "Infatuation is one-sided and love is from both sides". What if the girl had the same feeling for that boy, I would not have been writing this blog.

Well, certain human behaviours are still unexplored. There might be a biological reasoning for such a behaviour but to explain it in general language and to find out a solution for it, is so very difficult.


  1. its boys fault u can't force someone to feel something if he did all that its his wish its not love
    as far as gurl goes she's right
    Love is something which develops in heart u can't force someone with it its natural & if u love someone who doesn't love u don't bother him or her be nice frnds remind him or her that u are still there & wait
    lets see how much ur so called love wait for him or her :)

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  3. dear somendra,
    there is a very thin line that differentiates between love and infatuation.this was the first thing that i wanted to say.
    secondly, if i am in love with somebody and she does'nt love me that does'nt mean that the love i had for her is infatuation, it can also be true is not always recieving back, it is a feeling of giving ur affection and care,,,,, thats true u cannot force somebody to love you but u cannot even stop anybody having feelings of true love for someone, u cannot term it as infatuation.....